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27-03-2020 Video: How to take care of mental health during lockdown?
Advisory from the Ministry of Health and Family, various health experts give advises on how to take care of mental health and wellbeing during lockdown.
06-04-2020 Video on “Why is God silent? From WisdomShots | Sreejith Krishnan
“The whole world is on a time out” helping to make sense of what is happening and to make the most of the time out during ‘lockdown’.
08-04-2020 Poster Psychological first aid from Knowledge Centre How to help each other during this time of stress through the principles of psychological first aid. (meeting basic needs, listening, comforting, connecting, protecting and instilling hope)
08-04-2020 Video on “Practical tips to take care of your mental health during lock down” from MoHFW about COVID-19
13-04-2020 Poster: Good sleeping habits: when you are awake & right before sleep by Marie Franz Gavino RPsy
13-04-2020 Keeping a healthy relationship at home with my family/friends and with myself. by Marie Franz Gavino RPsy
Basket of mental health by Marie Franz Gavino RPsy
Addressing mental health concerns: by Marie Franz Gavino RPsy
Mindful breathing techniques during anxious moments from Ateneo Bulatao Center
14-04-2020 Video “The 10th apple effect” From WisdomShots | Sreejith Krishnan
This video was meant to impart the message of gratitude for the ordinary things of life. To recognize and appreciate how the mundane activities and realities can make life meaningful.
24-04-2020 Video “Desiderata” a life changing poem for hard times. From Red Frost Motivation This poem talks about being human and humane and the spirit of resilience despite the difficulties we face in life, to rise above everything.
01-05-2020 Video: Powerful poetry for dark times “ A Psalm of life” H.W. Longfellow
To encourage positivity and resilience.
Poster: Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty. Coping techniques from Psychology Tools
02-05-2020 Video: “The great realization” by Tom Foolery Encourages positive outlook towards what has been happening these days.
06-05-2020 Video: “I dreamt that I had an interview with God.” By Jim Brown Emphasises the need to live in the present and forgiveness, forgiving oneself.
Video: “Search for meaning” from Wisdom shots Reiterates the need to assign meaning to one’s life and to hold on to what is significant and meaningful
08-05-2020 Video: “Ikigai” from YouTube Living a fuller and meaningful life
Poster: Gratefulness exercise from Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services Step by step instruction towards living a happy life.
13-05-2020 Poster: Finding balance To look after one’s wellbeing by finding a balance.
Video: Inspirational and Uplifting Quotes for difficult times Meant to serve as encouragement
Poster: The motivational health wheel Suggestions towards keeping a healthy lifestyle.
16-05-2020 Revision tips Revision ideas for students as they go for their study break.
10-06-2020 The Need for TRANSCENDENCE and BEAUTY. 8th and final part of 7BasicPsychNeeds in the time of COVID. From MLAC Institute.

Suicide Prevention week 2020 @ SCCZ in line with World Suicide Awareness Day

Date posted Description links
10 – September 2020 Your Life Matters
11 – September 2020 Spotting the signs
13-Septemeber 2020 Effective treatment for Suicide
14-September 2020 Suicide warning signs
15- September 2020 When all hope is lost
16- September 2020 Suicide Prevention Advice
17 – September 2020 Suicide prevention
18 – September 2020 Eight Stories of Hope

World Mental Health Awareness Week @ SCCZ

Description links
What is Mental Health?.
What are mental health problems?
Deepika is #NotAshamed on depression and mental health stigma
Deepika describes her experience of going through depression, it is not a cause for shame, but a need for seeking help.
Wellness tips for improving mental health
Using mindfulness to stay healthy
Why you should take a break: Prioritizing mental health in schools | Hailey Hardcastle | TEDxSalem
Mental health: In our own words
Becoming aware of when you have a mental health problem and helps to cope with it