General Parameters

  • Each paper is out of 100 marks, split as follows: CIA = 20; ESE = 80.
  • CIA stands for Continuous Internal Assessment. ESE stands for End Semester Exam.
  • If the paper has practical component, then ESE is split as Theory=60 + Practical=20.
  • CIA is formed of three components: Attendance =5 + MAT (Monthly Assessment Tests) =5 + MSE (Mid Semester Exam) = 10.
  • One must pass with at least 40% marks separately in CIA & ESE (or CIA, ESE-Theory, ESE-Practical)
  • Exam duration: ESE Theory = 3 hours; ESE Practical = 3 hours; MSE = 2 hours.
  • No scope for revaluation. Only retotaling.

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)

In the semestral scheme, CIA is meant to ensure that learning and its assessment go on simultaneously and reciprocally. CIA is mandated by the University and carries 20 marks. A student must pass CIA in each subject with at least 40% of marks (i.e., at least 8 marks). There is no repeat examination for CIA, which means, if a student fails for CIA even in a single subject, he/she is ineligible to appear for the ESE and even if he/she appears, is declared failed, and must repeat the semester. This would mean they will have to take a transfer to another college, as SCCZ does not readmit failed students.

At Saint Claret College, given the provisions of the RGU Ordinance, the following procedure is followed for CIA (Revised from 2016 academic term):

  • There will be three components for CIA (20 marks): Attendance =5 + MAT (Monthly Assessment Tests) =5 + MSE (Mid Semester Exam) = 10.
  • Attendance: The five marks for attendance will be tabulated based on the actual attendance of a student, without considering any leave, authorized or unauthorized, using the following parameters:
    • 100-90% = 5 Marks
    • 89-85% =4 Marks
    • 84-80% =3 Marks
    • 79-75% =2 Marks
    • 74-70% = 1 Marks
    • 69% and below=No Marks.
  • MAT: The first hour of every Monday (as specified in the Handbook) is MAT (Monthly Assessment Test) hour.  A given paper/subject will have at least 1 MAT per semester (some papers will have 2, in which case, the average marks will be tabulated from both and applied to the CIA). Attendance at MAT is mandatory.
  • Mid-Semester Exam: MSE will be held for each subject/paper mid-way through a semester. MSE will be a written examination of 2 hours duration and for 50 marks, which would then be reduced to 20% (10 marks). Attendance at MSE is mandatory. No repeat MSE will be held for any student. If one misses the MSE, he/she will have to make do with the other two components of CIA to reach the minimum eligibility marks.