SCCZ Strives to Realize the Following Objectives:

  • To provide value-based, relevant, and productive higher education.
  • To offer traditional, professional, and employment-oriented programmes as well as innovative add-on courses to equip students for effective and fulfilling personal and professional lives.
  • To promote and provide for research, documentation, training, and consultancy at the service of knowledge production and nation-building.
  • In shared mission, to assist local communities and other agents of change in their efforts at creating a more stable, just, skilled, and peaceable society.
  • To facilitate in Claretines an appreciation for and praxis of eternal values of faith, love, compassion, justice, peace, gratitude, and service.

Institutional Distinctiveness of Saint Claret College, Ziro

The one area distinctive to the vision, priority and thrust of the college is its commitment to providing soulful higher education to the tribal youth, as articulated in the Vision of the College. Saint Claret College, Ziro (SCCZ) was established in 2003, at a time when there were no Colleges nearby and it was the earnest desire of the people of Ziro to have a Degree College which would provide Quality Higher Education. SCCZ was established to fill in this lacuna and in its seventeen years of existence it has made gradual progress towards realising this commitment. The college caters predominantly to the  students belonging to the ST category who comprise of more than 95% of its total strength.  SCCZ has a well-designed value education program called CHEP (Claretine Holistic Education Program). Despite being located in a remote area, it has been at the forefront in its efforts to integrate the use of technology in teaching-learning. As a testimony to the quality in its teaching-learning practices, SCCZ has consistently scored the highest pass percentage in the University examinations. SCCZ has bagged the Best Disciplined Team Award repeatedly at various youth festivals, in addition to winning merit awards in various competitions at the state level.  It is the only College to have been commended by the State Government for services in Higher Education (2015), and has been awarded the Best Performing Private College of Arunachal Pradesh (2019). Over the years, it has expanded its academic activities through various MoUs, publishing an International Interdisciplinary Journal in Social Sciences, establishing Coaching centre for UPSC and other competitive exams, conducting the Ziro Literary Festival, which gives exposure to the students and other stakeholders to artists and literary personalities of national and international repute. The College has also collaborated with institutes of National importance such as NIT, Arunachal Pradesh, IIRS/ISRO, Dehradun (the College is a Nodal Centre for its Distance Learning Program), Shillong Geophysical Research Centre (the college has collaborated with the institute to house a Seismograph on campus). These efforts of the college has benefited primarily the students who get access to quality higher education, which is central to the establishment of Saint Claret College. Every undertaking by the college is in view of fulfilling its vision.