The lifeline of an educational institution is its library. SCCZ encourages all Claretines to make use of the library facilities to the maximum. The College Library has been enabled with RFID and uses KOHA software for easy access of Books and other study materials. The Library has been made “open access” for optimum and efficient use.

For the organized and effective use of the Library, the following norms shall apply:

  1. Working Hours:  The Library shall be open on all working days, from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  2. Every student/staff entering and leaving the library must sign in the Log Book placed at the Counter, with the exact time of entry/exit recorded.
  3. The Books from the Reference Section are not to be taken out of the Library. They are meant for spot reference only.  For using a book from the Reference Section, the student may submit his/her ID card to the Librarian, and get the book issued for reference. The book shall be returned before the student leaves the library and the ID card claimed back. The same procedure will apply in case any student wants to access journal/ periodicals.
  4. No books/journals/periodicals/newspapers other than the ones issued against one’s library cards are allowed to be taken outside the Library.
  5. No library materials will be issued against borrowed ID Cards. Issues are done in person against one’s own ID Card.
  6. Issue of Books:
    1. The College Identity Card will be the Library Card as well.
    2. If a Library Card (Identity Card) is lost, the Card Holder may notify the Librarian. Duplicate Library Card will be issued on demand, for Rs. 250/- per card.
    3. Books will be issued against the Library Card (Identity Card) on all working days:
    4. The College Library is fully automated and upgraded to be open access for the users.
    5. A book will be issued for a period of one week only.  The books may be returned on any day before the due date. Failure to return the book by the expiry date will cause hardships to others who need the book. Hence, the delay in returning the books will invite a fine of Rs. 10/- per day. One can renew the book only once, and after a gap of one week, the student can take the same book, if available.
  7. The Library books shall be handled with care, without causing any damage to them. Loss of book/damage should be notified to the Librarian immediately. Damages will have to be paid for the same. If a Library Book is lost, it has to be replaced with a new one within 14 days of the original due date for return. Any delay in replacing the book will invite additional fine. If not replaced, the cost of the current edition of the book + Rs. 200 as penalty will be levied against the student.
  8. The Library has a computer section for online reference.
  9. No Dues Certificate from the Library is a must for the issue of Admit Card for the University Examination.
  10. All the first semester students will have a “Library Orientation Session” to familiarize them with the use of Library. A week in the month of August is designated as the “Library Week” for the entire college wherein several library-awareness related activities will be held.
  11. Strict Silence is to be maintained in the Library.

List of Journals

1American Psychologist13Kurukshetra: Journal on Rural Development
2Artha: Journal of Social Sciences14Man and Society: Journal of North East Studies
3Asian Journal of English Studies15Monitor on Psychology
4Eastern Anthropologist16Peace & Conflict: The Journal of Peace Psychology
5Economic & Political Weekly17Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
6GradPsych18Rajiv Gandhi University Research Journal
7India Green File19Sanyasa Journal of Consecrated Life
8Indian Economic Journal20Social Glance: Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
9Indian Historical Review 21Social Scientist
10Indian Journal of Life Skills Education22University News
11Indian Journal of Political Science23Vikasini: The J. of Women’s Empowerment*
12Journal of Educational Planning & Admin.24World Focus