To facilitate quality education at affordable cost, SCCZ makes every effort possible to route the available governmental and corporate scholarships and stipends for eligible Claretines. It has also instituted its own merit and financial awards as well as scholarships and endowments through the generosity of several benefactors.

A few important rules regarding eligibility for these scholarships:

  1. All scholarships are meant for regular students in “good standing.” Please see page 1 of this Handbook to see the definition of a “student in good standing.”
  2. For every scholarship given below, an actual attendance record of 75% at any time of the academic year is absolutely mandatory.
  3. Each scholarship has its own additional eligibility conditions. For governmental scholarships, you may access the respective websites for detailed information. For college-related scholarships, rules and regulations will be announced when applications are invited for the scholarship.
  4. No student shall falsify information in order to avail of these scholarships.
  5. No student shall apply for / claim more than one stipend/scholarship at the same time.
  6. Awardees shall have a bank account for disbursement of these scholarships. (Every Claretine, on admission to college, is required to open a savings account with Canara Bank or State Bank)

Given below is the list of scholarships available:

A. Government Scholarships:
  1. APST Stipend
    • Source: Department of Higher & Technical Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
    • Amount: Up to Rs.16,000/-annually. Varies, based on marks in the previous exam.
    • Recipients: All eligible tribal students of Arunachal Pradesh, in good standing.
  2. Ishan-Uday Scholarship
    • Source: University Grants Commission (UGC)
    • Amount:Up to Rs.64,800 annually for entire course duration (10,000 numbers)
    • Recipients: Students with domicile in the Northeast, meritorious and in good standing.
B. Non-Government Scholarships:
  1. Arunachal Times Media Scholarship
    • Source: The Arunachal Times
    • Amount: Rs.25,000 each for two years
    • Recipient: B. A. Mass Communication student in good standing.
  2. SCCZ Residential Scholarships
    • Source: SCCZ endowments
    • Amount: Rs.15,000/- each. (3 numbers, one per year of study)
    • Recipients: Financially challenged/differently abled students in good standing
  3. SCCZ Academic Scholarships
    • Source: SCCZ endowments
    • Amount: Rs.7,500/- each. (3 numbers, one per year of study)
    • Recipients: Financially challenged/differently abled students in good standing.
  4. Single Step Foundation Scholarship
    • Source: Single Step Foundation, USA (through an MoU between SCCZ & SSF)
    • Amount: Up to Rs.3,000/-(max. 50 numbers)
    • Recipients: Financially challenged female students in good standing.
  5. Saju-Bindu Scholarship
    • Source: Endowment from Saju Manuel Muthumakuzhy& Family
    • Amount: Rs. 4,000/-
    • Recipients: Financially challenged/differently abled students in good standing
  6. Gigi-Mini Scholarship
    • Source: Endowment from Gigi Veliyannoor & Family
    • Amount: Rs. 4,000/-
    • Recipients: Financially challenged/differently abled students in good standing
  7. Fr.Tomy Scholarship
    • Source: Endowment from Rev. Fr. Tomy E., the founding manager of SCCZ.
    • Amount: Rs. 4,000/-, to be shared by two students
    • Recipients: Two toppers in I Semester (End-Semester Exam)
  8. Edacheriparampil Mathew-Elizabeth Memorial Scholarship
    • Source: Rev. Fr. Tomy E. (founding manager), in memory of his late parents.
    • Amount: Rs.4,000/- each. (two numbers)
    • Recipients: Financially challenged II/III year hostellers in good standing.
  9. SCCZ Awards
    • Source: SCCZ endowments
    • Amount: Rs. 1,000 to 2,000/- each
    • Recipients: Toppers in each year / Major in the ESE.
  10. Smt. Habung Pappu Memorial Award
    • Source: Shri Habung Lampung and Family
    • Amount: Rs. 4,000/
    • Recipients: Topper in First Year Undergraduate Program
  11. Dani Tabin Yaniya Memorial Award
    • Source: Shri Dani Gamboo
    • Amount: Rs. 10,000/- with a memento and citation
    • Recipient: Topper from SCCZ in the three-year Undergraduate Degree program
  12. Theresiakutty Memorial Scholarship
    • Source: Endowment from Solly & Soy Joseph Kizahakkel
    • Amount: Rs. 4,000/-
    • Recipient: Financially challenged /differently abled students in good standing
  13. Nirmala Frank Scholarship
    • Source: Endowment from Frank Xavier, Ohio, USA
    •  Amount: Rs. 17,500/
    •  Recipients: Financially weak students in good standing
  14. Tiny Miracles Trust Scholarships (APST Students)
    • Source: Tiny Miracles Trust, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    •  Amount: Rs. 14,000/- per student (for 5 APST Students)
    •  Recipient: Financially weak students in good standing
  15. Tiny Miracles Trust Scholarships (Non-APST Students)
    • Source: Tiny Miracles Trust, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    •  Amount: Rs. 20,000/- per student (for 2 Non-APST Students)
    •  Recipient: Financially weak students in good standing

Want to institute a Scholarship in your/your loved one’s Name?

Interested public, families, corporates, agencies, and alumni are welcome to institute scholarships that will facilitate higher education at affordable cost for deserving students. For procedural details, please contact the Office of Scholarships, SCCZ, by e-mail: or visit our website:

Further Details on APST Stipend from the State Government:

The Government of Arunachal Pradesh provides academic stipend for eligible APST students of regular pass in the qualifying examination. This is a purely governmental provision, fulfilled through its Department of Higher and Technical education (DHTE). For the award of the stipend, students MUST fulfil the following criteria set by the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh:

  • Student must be a bonafide regular student of the Institution, should have cleared the lower examination, and must be regular for classes. (Late college students do not qualify)
  • Student must fill up the application forms (available from the College Office) and submit in time with all required documentation. Any mistake in information may result in rejection of application by the Government. The College will forward the applications of all eligible students along with their actual attendance report.

The decision to grant or not to grant stipend rests with the DHTE. On approval of the applications and receipt of the list of students awarded, the College will put up the list as is, on the Bulletin Board. If the DHTE sends the amount to the College accounts, the College will transfer the amount due to each approved student to his/her Bank account. If the student has made any error in the account details submitted to the College, the responsibility for the error solely rests with the student, and the College will not be able to rectify any wrong transfer due to student error. Any wrong transfer by the Bank must be taken up with the Bank directly by the student. Any grievance regarding approval/non-approval/delay of stipend by DHTE must be taken up with the Department in person or through e-mail ( by the student concerned.