The Junior Claretine Council (JCC) is the Student Body of Saint Claret College, Ziro. Its role is to be at the service of the academic fraternity of the institution, by assisting the Claretine community, Senior Claretine Council, and the Management in the effective and productive realization of the Mission, Values and Objectives of SCCZ. The JCC has a consultative status in the matters in which suggestions / opinions of the Council are sought by the Principal. The JCC is and shall be absolutely nonpolitical in constitution and character.

JUNIOR CLARETINE COUNCIL Representatives 2019-2020

No. Name Designation
1 Iri Thomas Riba Captain
2 Michi Gracy Vice- Captain
3 Shimnem K Mossang Member
4 Koj Bagang Member
5 Khoda Bapu Member
6 Rakhe Yapu Member
7 Yura Tater Member
8 Milli Yemi Member
9 Tamuk Taja Member
10 Teli Yan Member
11 Khyoda Tater Member
12 Habung Monya Member
13 Neelam Mania Member
14 Taku Rillung Member
15 Tamak Mala Member
16 Donduli Mipi Member
17 Jargi Karlo Member
18 Yanu Sangdo Member
19 Kago Laji Member
20 Kojam Para Member
21 Dulley Nampi Member
22 Hibu Tagu Member
23 Gitum Zirdo Member
24 Tanyang Tachang Member

Staff Animators for JCC

No. Name Designation Role
1 Fr. Allwyn Mendoz Principal President
2 Fr. Walter Naveen Vice Principal (Administration) Treasurer
3 Fr. Thomas K Vice Principal Advisor
4 Mr. Jeremiah Modi Staff Coordinator Advisor