The ESE is the written examination conducted by Rajiv Gandhi University at the end of a semester. 80% of the final marks for a paper will be assigned from its ESE. If a paper has both theory and practical components, then the theory examination will carry 60% and the practical examination, 20%. Both the theory and the practical examinations will be of three hours duration each. Generally, ESE falls in December (for Odd Semesters) and May (Even Semesters). Attendance at ESE is absolutely mandatory. As to how the ESE question paper is patterned may vary from paper to paper, which will be discussed with the students by the teachers concerned.

Eligibility for ESE:

In order to be permitted by the University to appear for ESE, a student must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The attendance percentage in a given subject/paper must be at least 75%.
  • The candidate should have passed CIA (in each paper separately) with at least 40% marks (8 out of 20).
  • The student is in good standing.

Documents Needed to Apply for ESE:

  • Duly filled-in application form and admit card. (Forms are available from the College Office).
  • Three Passport-size Photographs (one of which is to be affixed to the application, the second to the Admit Card. The third must be stapled to the application.)
  • One photocopy each of the University Registration Card and Mark Sheet of the last examination.
  • Original University Registration Card and Mark Sheet of the last exam, for verification.
  • Examination Fee (to be notified through the notice board, at the time for filling in forms)

Admit Cards:

Once the University approves the application for ESE and releases the Admit Card, the Card will be issued to the student one week before the commencement of the University examinations. To receive the Admit Card, a student should have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Clear all the Dues to the College. The dues may include various kinds of fees or fines.
  • Produce the No Due Certificate duly signed by the HoDs of the departments concerned, Librarian, Canteen Authority, Cashier, Hostel Warden (if applicable), and any other department/center to which the student owes any dues.
  • Produce the College ID card for verification.

Results and Progression:

  • Aggregate of at least 40% Marks in each paper
  • A student must get at least 40% marks separately in CIA & ESE
  • A candidate who fails or does not appear in one or more courses of any ESE shall be promoted provisionally to the next higher semester with a maximum of two failed course(s) as carried over course(s). In such case, the candidate will be declared “PWBP” (=Pass with Back Paper). Such candidates will be eligible to appear in the carried over course in the next regular examinations of those courses. However, the following conditions/restrictions will apply:
    • i. To move from a lower to a higher semester, a candidate must pass in at least two theory courses and ALL the practical courses with an aggregate of 40% marks in the passed papers/courses.
    • ii. A candidate shall be allowed to have maximum two back papers in each semester.
    • iii. A candidate will have a maximum of three consecutive chances (including the first appearance) to clear a back paper.
    • iv. If a candidate clears the sixth (final) semester examination before clearing all the back papers of the previous semesters, the final result of the candidate shall be withheld by the University until the candidate clears all the back papers.
  • A student must pass all his/her semester examinations within six years (i.e., within 12 continuous semesters). In no circumstances will this requirement be relaxed.
  • Since semester examination involves CIA, there is no scope for a student to appear as a private candidate in any program/course.
  • There is no provision under RGU for re-evaluation of the answer scripts of the ESE. However, a candidate may apply for re-scrutiny (re-checking of marks) on payment of Rs.150/- per paper. By rechecking is meant verifying whether all the answers have been valued by the examiner and all marks have been correctly added. A student must apply for rechecking within 10 days of receipt of the marks card at the College.
  • A candidate shall be declared to have passed the six semester degree B.A./B. Sc/ B. Com program provided he/she has passed all the semesters and in all the courses separately securing an aggregate of at least 40% marks.
  • Division/Class: (based on the aggregate marks of all the subjects across three years): First Class : 60% and above. Second Class : 40%- 59%