SCCZ is committed to integrating the objectives of achieving academic excellence and holistic educational development with concurrent infrastructural development. In order to create and enhance the infrastructure that facilitates effective teaching and learning, policies are framed meticulously according to the strength and needs of the students in different streams. The strategy is to enhance infrastructure parallel and optimal to the expanding curricular and beyond curricular requirements and programmes of students. The policy is based and formulated considering the developments in educational skills, upgradation and maintenance of infrastructure, laboratories, equipment, furniture etc.

Infrastructural requirements are discussed at staff meetings and at management committee meetings. Before the end of a calendar year, the infrastructural needs for the upcoming year are discussed and decided upon and communicated at the Governing Body and incorporated into the budget proposals which are scrutinized by economic council of the society. On recommendation from the economic council, the governing body approves them, subject to the availability of funds. On approval and release of funds, the project is implemented.

SCCZ has an optimal and well maintained infrastructure in terms of buildings, residential blocks, staff quarters, play grounds, prayer hall, computer lab, language lab, audio-visual lab, projectors, lab materials required for geography, anthropology, and mass communication, library and variety holdings, canteens, parking facilities, indoor facilities for games, space of IGNOU, examinations and admission offices, etc.

Complete record of all infrastructures, software and other maintenance work are maintained under the supervision of Vice Principal (Administration). A periodic verification are carried out to find out and replaced (if needed). Apart from regular maintenance and the plumbers and electricians promptly attend the complaints, if any.

SCCZ remains earnestly committed to provide optimal infrastructure available for smooth teaching-learning-research-extension programme.