SCCZ Calendar

JULY 2016
Date Event
July 14-16 Staff Orientation Program (SOP)
July 19 Inauguration of the Academic Year (First Year B.A./ B. Com) COP
July 20 COP continues
July 25 Inauguration of the Academic Year (Second & Third Year B.A./B.Com) COP  (No class for I years)
July 29 JCC election  (only II & III years)
Date Event
August 1 Freshers' Welcome
August 2 Election of JCC Reps (I Sem)
August 13 Inauguration of JCC & Associations  
August 8* [The seminar proposed for this day has been postponed]
August 15 Independence Day
August 16 Library Week
August 22 MAT  (Anthro/Major 1/B. Com Paper 1/BMC 1)
August 27 Departmental Seminars Day I 
August 29 MAT  (Economics/Major 2/B. Com Paper 2/BMC 2)
Date Event
Sep 5 Teachers' Day
Sep 6 Attendance Bulletin for July-August
Sep 10 Departmental Seminars Day II  
Sep 12 MAT  (Education/Major 3/B. Com Paper 3/BMC 3)
Sep 19 MAT  (Ele. English/Major 4/B. Com Paper 4/BMC 4)
Sep 24 NSS Day
Sep26-Oct 1 Mid Semester Exam/First Terminal Exam
Date Event
Oct 1 ESE ends
Oct 6 Attendance Bulletin for September
Oct 8 Deadline for APST Stipend application ( min.75% attendance, as per GO)
Oct 10 MAT  (Geography/Major 1/B. Com Paper 1/BMC 5)
Oct 13-15 Resonance (afternoon sessions only)
Oct 17-22 Resonance (full day)
Oct 25 MAT  (History/Major 2/B. Com 2/BMC 1)
Oct 28 Deadline for Application for ESE (Odd Semester) 
Oct 29  Gastronomia; Claretian Universal Mission Day
Oct 24 Feast of St. Anthony Mary Claret, Patron Saint of SCCZ
Oct 31 MAT  (Political Science/Major 3/B. Com 3/BMC 2)
Date Event
Nov 4 Attendance Bulletin for October
Nov 7 MAT  (Comp. Eng/EVS/Major 4/B. Com 4/BMC 3)
Nov 11-12 National Conference
Nov  19 Pre Christmas
Nov 24 RGU Practical Exams Begin
Date Event
Dec 2 End Semester Exams begin (tentative)
Dec 25 Merry Christmas!


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