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National Writers’ Workshop on

“APA Style, Elements of Writing, & Publication Ethics”

(ICSSR-NERC sponsored : July 16-18, 2015, at Saint Claret College, Ziro)

See the Workshop details HERE.

Registration Form here. Please fill it up and email it as attachment to:

Through its wing, PESEC, SCCZ organizes Lecture Series for its students and the public occasionally. Watch this space for announcement and information on the Lecture Series.

As part of its regular curriculum, SCCZ implements 10 CHEP Hours (Claretine Holistic Education Program) for its students. Through the CHEP, SCCZ makes sure that every student receives input on every component of its Mission Statement and Core Values. Through a well-drafted CHEP Module Curriculum given over 30 hours acrss three years of studies, SCCZ thus seeks to fulfil its Mission Mandate. Given below are the CHEP Modules.

CHEP: Claretine Holistic Education Program

(10 hours/year)

No. Mission/Value Component I YEAR II YEAR III YEAR
0 Intellectual Competence Taken care of through regular Course Work & Zero & Library Hours
1 Professional Skills MODULE 1.1
Communication Skills
Module 1.2
Decision Making
Module 1.3
2 Spiritual Evolution MODULE 2.1
Module 2.2
Module 2.3
Inspired Youth Culture
3 Moral Uprightness MODULE 3.1
Healing Corruption
Module 3.2
Module 3.3
4 Social Responsiveness MODULE 4.1
Fundamental Rights
Module 4.2
Fundamental Duties
Module 4.3
Being Good Samaritans
5 Cultural Tolerance MODULE 5.1
Overcoming Stereotypes
Module 5.2
Communal Harmony
Module 5.3
Many Voices, One World
6 Faith in God MODULE 6.1
Module 6.2
Module 6.3
Religious Harmony
7 Integrity MODULE 7.1
Module 7.2
Intellectual Honesty
Module 7.3
8 Peace MODULE 8.1
Module 8.2
Module 8.3
Being Peace Agents
9 Cooperation MODULE 9.1
Module 9.2
Building Trust
Module 9.3
Conflict Resolution
10 Personal Competence MODULE 10.1
Module 10.2
Interpersonal Skills
Module 10.3


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